We’re going to be care-free and real and forget about all the pressure. You just get to be you; to relax and let your guard down. I’ll take care of the rest.

And I’m going to be your biggest cheerleader. Just prepare yourself, I will probably say “So CUTE!” about a hundred times 😂.

I can’t wait to show you how beautiful and confident you are.

Srsly, you’re gorgeous, you’re rock solid and you can do ANYTHING. And you’ll have the senior pictures to prove it!

We're going to have fun!

Do you forget how to smile? Do you realize you have hands for the first time and wonder what the heck to do with them?

Are you self-conscious of how your hair is falling or how well you executed your winged liner as it dawns on you that you're not a professional makeup artist after all? 

First, it’s totally OK and reasonable to feel all those things. But, listen. GIRL! We got this. You got this. And it's gonna be soooo good.

Imagine you’re in front of the camera.
What happens?

It’s meeee, of course. But who am I other than an enthusiastic photographer who may go overboard sometimes with emojis and exclamation points? 

Get to know me before we work together. Photography is all about the relationship, so let’s see if we’ll c-l-i-c-k.  

Who loves to dance, runs on caffeine and can hardly handle her excitement photographing amazing seniors like you?

Who’s that girl? It’s you!

Do you want more from your senior portrait experience? You could be a part of an exclusive group, make new friends and receive WAY more than just senior pictures. The Senior Influencer experience is like NO OTHER!

Plus you'll get to be able to take part in multiple photo sessions, TONS of fun events, and get first dibs on the date of your choice for your photos. It's all a part of the Ashley Joy Team Program!

Team 22, what’s that?

what others are saying

“Ashley does an amazing job through and through! My pictures came out flawless and Ashley herself makes the entire process feel effortless, uplifting, and FUN! I cannot wait for my next photo-shoot and cannot recommend her enough!”

what others are saying

I recommend Ashley if you're looking for someone who takes some phenomenal senior photos! I was in a bit of a situation and she was able to fit me into her books, and my pictures looked amazing. I truly had no idea that somebody could be this talented, and make me look so natural, and feel so beautiful. Thank you Ashley!
- Ellie

what others are saying

Ashley has done my senior photos and a recent mini shoot with me and both were wonderful experiences! She is so bubbly and fun to model for, she really makes you feel comfortable and keeps you laughing the whole shoot. (she also takes some amazing photos and gets them to you super quick) 
HIGHLY recommend(:

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