Together, we can dance it out, shake off the stiffness and find the courage to do new brave things.

Don’t worry, we’re going to have a great time, laugh a lot and take photos that will show the world (and yourself) all your awesomeness and beauty.

Hey guys! I'm Ashley, Senior photographer in Salem Oregon

I get you because I’m a human like you

I’m both ...
brave and cautious
confident and awkward
authentic and trying to look like
I have it all together.

Which is all to say that I understand where you’re coming from. And, really, the truth is I struggle to embrace my imperfections while still wanting to be seen and admired and loved. Don’t we all?

I really truly get that at your core, you want to be known, accepted and loved. I see how hard you work to fit in but stand out. To wear the right clothes, support the right causes and post the right content. 

If I could leave you with anything from our time together? It would be a new level of comfort and confidence in your unique, amazing self. 

Let's get over ourselves together...

If you know me, you know...

I believe every day is a chance to courageously show up as ourselves.

I’m always dancing! Sometimes because there's music, sometimes because i'm excited, and often as a coping mechanism when i'm tired, stressed, or bored. 

My kids are big fans. b-i-g  f-a-n-s 🙄😑🤣

I absolutely love coffee! If you haven't already, you've got to try brown sugar instead of white.
game changer! 😋

My secret talent? I am crazy good at whistling!

And in case you're wondering, I have mastered vibrato. 😗

I have zero wil power against sweets.

You better believe that Costco size bag of mint chocolates disappears way too quickly 🤫 

When I was a kid I was boy cray-zay! Like, chase down boys at church and tackle them for a kiss. 
I mean, who could resist this level of sexy? 😂

I deeply regret not keeping this swimsuit.

I have a DEEP desire for life to surprise me just once and turn into a musical / dance party.

Tell me you’d join in!?!?!?!?

I literally DO NOT  know how to wear high heels.

Unless wedges count...🤔

Within 1 week of meeting my husband we went to the beach for a whole day together. 'Just as friends'...or so we thought...

We've been married 10 years

Plenty of direction & tips
Your favorite songs

My approach?
Keep the sessions full of...

Inspiring, beautiful, gifted and unique

Not into taking yourself too seriously and you’d rather look happy and natural than perfectly posed. 

Just a little bit nervous and unsure about your senior photos (not to mention senior year and everything that comes after…)

What about you?

I'm willing to bet you are

Happy photos?
To have FUN during your session?
To look like yourself?
To remember your senior year forever?
To feel confident, empowered and
 ah-mazing in your own skin?
Natural looking photos that aren’t over-edited?

Do you want?

I first heard about Ashley through a girl I went to school with who recommended me to Ashley’s Senior Rep program. I hadn’t yet connected with a photographer for my Senior photos and thought joining the Rep team would be fun. As soon as I had my first FaceTime call with Ashley I knew I wanted to work with her! She is so easy to talk to and makes every shoot super comfortable. My favorite things about each session was her goofy dancing ( it really does elevate the experience) and of course the GORGEOUS photos you get out of it!
Being part of her Rep Team was such a fun experience. I loved how creative she was with shoot ideas and how open she was to any thoughts or ideas the team had.
Ashley is so kind and really cares about her clients. If you’re looking for a photographer for your Senior photos or really any photos, Ashley is your girl! 10/10 would recommend!!!

Ashley Is Your Girl!

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